Vacationing in the Golden Isles? Let us help you find the perfect coffee spot!

What is it about coffee?  Aficionados can find the electric juice just about anywhere and while traveling, always want to know the best spot to get it. St. Simons Island does not disappoint; novices and enthusiasts to the drip flock to several places on the island in search of the best cup of joe. Here are our top three picks for Best Places for Coffee on St. Simons Island

#1) Palm Coast

Best Places for Coffee on St. Simons Island

Order a cup of their strong brew with a side of fun and funky in this eclectic Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner spot on St. Simons. Palm Coast offers a strong cup of coffee in the morning, and for those that want a little hair on your chest – we recommend the Irish Coffee.  Just one will do.   Their breakfast classics and treats from the bakery are also delish!

#2) Wake-Up

A self-proclaimed “people shop that loves coffee,” Wake-Up has been serving up the best on the Island for the last 8 years and is the place to be! One step in this spot, and you will find delicious coffee and great service. One of our favorites is the Caramel Vanilla Iced Latte, go try it today! The main store is located at 256 Redfern Village.

#3) Palmers

Our next favorite cup of coffee goes alongside some unique and amazing food at Palmer’s Village Café. Everyone’s a local at Palmer’s and the relaxed environment lends to easy conversation over a nice cup of brew.  Serving breakfast and lunch daily from 7:30-2, you can enjoy refill after refill while you nosh on some Green Eggs & Ham.