Buy Real Estate Now! Recent Advice from the Today Show…

by Mary Bryan Fields

As you’ve read in previous posts, the “bottom” of the real estate market is here, right now! As we’ve also said previously, don’t take our word for it…. click here for an expert opinion. The speaker advises you to buy real estate now. In years past, we’ve owned real for shelter, for investment, and for lifestyle. Today, owning real estate is about opportunity. The opportunity to re-build lost wealth, the opportunity to buy at prices last seen in the 1990’s, and the opportunity to take advantage of artificially low interest rates. If you believe real estate prices will stay this low forever, we advise you to put your money under a mattress. But, if you believe, as we do, that real estate prices are on the way back up, now is the time to act. Like sunrise over the ocean, this opportunity won’t last forever. The bottom never does!

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