CarettaCam at Georgia Sea Turtle Center

by Guerry Norwood

The Georgia Sea Turtle Center is turning to modern technology to keep visitors to the Jekyll Island center abreast of how sick and injured turtles are faring. It’s turning to a webcam they’re calling the “carettacam.” The Center is experimenting with the concept with an injured loggerhead turtle appropriately named Test. “Caretta” is Latin for loggerhead, hence the name carettacam. Coming to the Center tangled in fishing line, Test had to have a left flipper removed because of the injury. The unique swimming style that resulted from the three-flipper equation made her the perfect test turtle for the project. You can view Test on the carettacam by linking to: http://www.georgiaseaturtlecenter.org/2011/08/04/carettacam/

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