by Len Gullickson


It was one of those beautiful South Georgia days between Christmas and New Year. The temperature was forecast to reach 80° with light winds; perfect for a day cruise.

The First Mate suggested (determined) that we should head up the IntraCoastal Waterway with a side trip on the Frederica River to Fort Frederica, the site of one of the first British settlements in this area. The cruise northbound caused us to meet several southbound power and sail boats heading south from “up north” and Canada. It is an annual migration that is interesting to watch.

Coming around the final bend before Fort Frederica, it was easy to see why the British built it where they did. Incoming enemy ships would be a clear on “bow shot” from the fort with limited ability to return fire. The dolphins were enjoying the day as much as we were. They frolicked everywhere, celebrating this glorious weather.

On the trip back to the marina, we passed one of the oldest metal power yachts we have seen in years, slowly heading down the waterway. Everyone fulfills their dreams of being afloat in their own way.

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