This week Hodnett Cooper travels to Orlando, FL for the much anticipated Curaytor Excellence Conference. Curaytor was founded by two guys who know the Real Estate industry Curaytor Co Founderswell and felt like they had many great ideas to offer others in the business. Curaytor Co-Founders, Chris Smith and Jimmy Mackin specialize in all things digital media. From web sites, to lead generation, to online and mobile advertising. Clients all over the United States boast of their increased sales, brand awareness, and customer retention with the help of Curaytor. We are excited to learn from some of the best in the industry this week! They have set up an awesome line up of guest speakers from Curaytor employees to CEOs of successful Real Estate companies. We are confident we will come back flooded with great ideas and will have heard so many great success stories from other companies like ours. As well as learning opportunities about what others have tried that didn’t work so well. We can’t wait to get back to St. Simons and share all the exciting things we learned. Although, it’ll be hard to leave the happiest place on earth.. Disney World!!