Ernie Andrus will finish his run, Saturday 8.20.16 at the Coast Guard Station on St. Simons Island

Does the name Ernie Andrus ring a bell? If not, it will after this weekend. 93 year old (as of Friday August 19th 2016) Ernie Andrus will be finishing a trek across the United States in St. Simons this weekend! He began this journey October 7th of 2013 in San Diego, California. Ernie is a World War II veteran who helped bring the, now, only remaining LST 325 navy ship back to the US from Crete, Greece. The ship has already been restored and is still operational however there were plans to return the ship Normandy for the D-Day Memorial Service, the same place it was 70 years ago. Cost to get it across the Atlantic Ocean are enormous and due to lack of finances the trip was cancelled. Ernie’s run across the United States will hopefully raise excitement about the LST 325 navy ship and help secure enough money to bring the ship back to Normandy.

As of July 10th he has run 2,534 miles in 957 hours. He will complete his race at the Coast Guard Station Saturday morning. I can’t wait to see history be made Saturday morning and hope to see the community out supporting Ernie! If you would like to donate to the LST 325 trip across the Atlantic, click here.

Way to go Ernie and Happy 93rd birthday!

Ernie Andrus