St. Simons Island’s Fort Frederica has been approved by the U.S. House for an expansion taking the monument from 250 acres to 305. Original plans called for an expansion from 250 acres to 525 acres, however nearby land owners were concerned. Thus the House committee reduced the acreage to a total of 305. St. Simons Land and Trust will donate 21 acres to Fort Frederica, if the expansion is accepted by the Senate. The National Park service wants to expand the site to include a campground as well as a cannon battery. Both will preserve the colonial era aspect of the grounds. No entry charges will still remain as is, federal workers who are working on this project say it would cost more to collect the fee than it would raise revenue. Steve Theus, site manager for Fort Frederica boasts that once the legislation is signed into law there will be a much more complete story that will be able to be told about the town of Frederica.