At Hodnett Cooper Real Estate and Hodnett Cooper Vacation Rentals, many of us are proud University of Georgia alumni. Georgia-Florida weekend is always an exciting time on St. Simons Island and Hodnett Cooper is pleased to be a part of the Bulldog Nation. And we are pleased to welcome so many visitors to the Island on this beautiful Autumn weekend.

At Hodnett Cooper, we want you to have a good time and enjoy the Island. We also hope you will exercise caution and responsibility, as well as Stash Your Trash and recycle like all good Dawgs should.

Each year, Georgia fans gather on St. Simons Island to root for the Dawgs.  It is often during this weekend that visitors fall in love with our community and decide to make a piece of St. Simons Island their very own. Remember, even on game day, Hodnett Cooper agents are available to help find the perfect property for you.

Welcome to St. Simons Island and Gooooo Dawgs! Sic ‘em!

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