At Hodnett Cooper Real Estate, we have over 400 homes in our long-term rental program. As you can imagine, we have seen it all. At Hodnett Cooper, we encourage tenants to invest in renters insurance, which protects personal belongings against fire, theft and more. And also protects against accidents causing injury or structural damage.

Renters’ Insurance typically cover the following according to

  • Damage to personal property from fire or wind
  • Theft
  • Personal liability if you are sued over an accidental injury to others while in your apartment
  • Accidental damage to property of others in your care
  • Living expenses if you are forced to live elsewhere while your residence is being repaired

Renters’ Insurance policies vary by insurer as well as the laws in your state. Tenants, contact an insurance professional to learn more about how Renters’ Insurance can protect you and your belongings while you are renting.

Homeowners and renters, contact Hodnett Cooper to learn more about our long-term rental program.

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