The Golden Isles offers some of the most beautiful back drops on the coast with the endless marsh, sunrises over the ocean, and majestic live oak trees. Making this the perfect place for filming movies and television shows. Locals typically hear the buzz around shows being filmed and the list of celebrities that make their way to the area to film but most travelers probably don’t know of all the famous footsteps that have happened here!

Most recently a new film called Live By Night featuring Ben Affleck was filmed in the heart of Brunswick, GA. The film will be released in 2017 and is based on the 2012 novel Live By Night by Dennis Lehane. The south of Brunswick got a huge make over (or make under) to have the appearance of Ybor City, FL in the 1920’s. A lot of money and time was spent painting, recreating buildings and signs, redoing roads, as well as on building and then burning down other set pieces. Big crowds turned out several nights to try to catch a glimpse of Ben Affleck and he was nice enough to acknowledge the crowds and give them a waive.

Prior to Live By Night, another very well-known movie filmed partly in the Golden Isles was Magic Mike XXL, starring Channing Tatum. With the majority of the scenes taking place in Tybee Island and Savannah you might recognize the beach scenes due to our popular and notable drift wood washing ashore on the beaches here. Although not one of the classiest movies ever filmed Magic Mike XXL is surely a favorite among women, leaving them blushing and giggling for sure!

One of the most famous movies to be filmed in the Golden Isles is definitely X-Men First Class. Although most of the film took place in the UK, there was a beach scene filmed in our back yard, Jekyll Island at the Jekyll Island Club.  Also filmed at the Jekyll Island Club was Glory starring Denzel Washington and Matthew Broderick.

It’s safe to say celebrities from far and wide have walked the Golden Isles, which gives a small but beautiful area large bragging rights for sure!