by Joe Wills

6:15 am – Friday, January 23. Sea Island Spa Fitness.

Double shot cappuccino got my heart started then out the door. Greeted by a group of early riser regulars for Trish’s Spinning Class. We began literally in dawn’s early light a none-too-gentle eye opening warm up spin with a nice little Electronica rave. Then hammered our hearts away to U2 – worked out the kinks with The Kinks and came Alive with Safri Duo intervals, toss in some breathless sprints to Talking Heads and more U2 for good measure. Excellent 40 minute ride plus stretches – just over 600 calories burned in the process. Heart rate was 40% aerobic, 60% anaerobic. Perfect pairing of music and coaching produced prodigious pools of sweat on the mats beneath our bikes. Excellent coffee afterward (the best in all of Sea Island) and a colorful sunrise was a great reward for our effort and in preparation for Scott’s Strength & Cardio Class. A small but dedicated group of masochists enjoyed another grueling session of light and heavy dumbbells with body bar presses, skull crushers, crunches and two sets of traveling lunges finished with a session of stretching. 45 minutes of gain via pain. I of course forgot to clip out of my cycling shoes into cross-trainers and so paid the price for my stupidity with sore ankles.Excellent coaching on Scott’s part though. Back at the office before 9:30, ready to face the day. Just over 1,000 calories all in all. Not a bad start for a Friday. 6:15 AM Spinning classes are offered Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

The Spa at Sea Island is an amazing 65,000 square foot facility which is divided between Spa Treatments and Fitness spaces. The fitness facet is directed by a very friendly and talented team of trainers and staff making it truly one of the finest facilities of its kind. Sea Island Spa is open to Resort Guest and Club Members and their guests. Sea Island Club Membership may be had via purchase of qualified property in one of Sea Island’s numerous communities on St Simons Island and Sea Island.


Joe Wills is a leading real estate professional with Hodnett Cooper specializing in the purchase and sale of homes with club memberships on St. Simons Island and Sea Island. His insight into clubs and their amenities are based on more than 30 years in private club and resort operations management, including Augusta National Golf Club and the Sea Island Company.

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