Check out our New Web Site. New Blog.

Hodnett Cooper is very proud to announce our new web site. Same address, but a new design, new content, easier navigation and this new blog!

We have already started with a few posting to the blog, but we’re just getting started. Soon you will be reading about all the happenings of real estate in our area… from the inside. We’ll be giving you all the information we can to make you a better buyer, seller, investor, renter, vacationer and business person.

We have a variety of experts in their field ready to help you with what they know best. And it extends beyond just real estate. Want to know about golfing in the area? We got someone for that. Want to know about home owners’ associations? We got someone for that. Want to know about club memberships? We got someone for that, too.

Here’s what we need from you. In order to make this a truly interactive blog, we need you to ask your questions and post your statements. We’ll then post the answers in future blog posts. Hopefully we can get a real discussion started. All you have to do is click on the word “comments” (or “no comments” if you’re the first) under each post or click the title of the post and you can post your question or comment. As long as it isn’t degrading to someone or inflammatory, we’ll try to answer it the best we can.