When their investment club ended a year and a half ago, members of the disbanded group soon realized how much they missed the time once shared with friends.

A few years ago, investment club member Sally Essig received a prayer shawl when she was ill. Because the special gift had given her a wonderful sense of comfort, she decided to propose the idea of a prayer shawl group to her friends. “About half of the ladies could knit, but al wanted to participate,” explained Mrs. Essig. “So, I taught the girls to knit, and it has been a real learning process for all. Now there are 3 women and we meet once a month. Some knit four shawls a months and some knot one a year. The spirit is there, and special prayer is abundant for each shawl.”

The members are all busy women who are either working at their vocations or are very active volunteers. Among the members there are two retired teachers, two real estate agents (including Hodnett Cooper’s own Alice Barlow), three nurses, a psychologist, a publisher, an accountant and a pharmacist.

For more information contact Sally Essig at 912-638-0971.

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