by Mary Bryan Fields

This post contains important information about your real property taxes and the valuation/appeals process. You may be paying too much!

istock_000003690791xsmallThe process of determining the amount of your real property taxes begins with a “Fair Market Value” set specifically by you or by the tax assessor in the municipality where your property is located. Property owners are required to “return” the fair market value of each property between January 1 and April 1 of each calendar year. If you do not provide your estimate of fair market value by April 1, you return, by default, the same value as the previous year.

Beginning on April 2, the staff appraisers in the tax assessor’s office review the returned property values. If the appraisers agree with your valuation, the valuation is accepted and becomes final for that tax year. If not, you will receive a Change in Value Notice, which may be appealed.

If you feel the Glynn County Tax Assessor’s 2008 valuation of your property is too high under current market conditions, visit and complete the Real Property Value Return. For more information about the valuation and appeals process, please email us to request a complimentary copy of Hodnett Cooper’s Special Report “The Property Tax Primer.”

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