by Mary Bryan Fields

Q. What advice do you have for people who need to sell now?

A. Think of your property as a commodity that must compete for attention against other alternatives.  To sell your property, you must first convince a buyer to make you an offer.  Your property must be shown, before a buyer will make you an offer.  To be shown, your property must be chosen from amongst all the other competing properties.  Most buyers look at 6-8 properties before making an offer.  The more competitive your property, the more likely it will sell.

Therefore, you must price it right when you list.  Real estate goes stale…. Just like three-day-old fish!  If you price too high, your property won’t be shown.  Remember, every day, fresh inventory is added to an already over-stocked supply (relative to current demand).  Your best opportunity for activity is the brief time period when your property is the new inventory!

Once you have established a competitive price based on current market conditions, prepare the property for showing: (1) commission a professional inspection (including pests) and repair all defects and cosmetic items listed on the inspection, and (2) clean, clean, clean!  Remove clutter inside and out. Because buyers have plenty of choices, condition is a high priority.


If you have a real estate question you would like answered, please email Mary Bryan Fields via blog@ Mary Bryan has more than 35-years of experience in the Real Estate Industry and a Masters Degree in Real Estate from the University of Georgia. Additionally, Mary Bryan is a licensed real estate instructor in the state of Georgia.

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