by Lisa Sanders

relay for life logoThe American Cancer Society South Atlantic Division of Relay For Life held their annual Summit on October 17-18 in Atlanta.  In attendance were 550  American Cancer Society Volunteers and Staff Members representing Relay Events from the state of Georgia.  160 plus events have been held throughout the state over the past year.  Volunteers and staff members celebrated the great work Georgia is doing in the fight to find a cure for cancer.

Some exciting news from the summit about Glynn County’s Relay For Life and the State of Georgia:   Glynn County’s Relay For Life rates #3 in the nation for money raised in our population category (65,000 – 74,999).  During the past 14 years of Relay in Glynn County the  event has been ranked within the top ten for money raised.  Another proud achievement is having 8 teams to raise $10,000+ in the event. (Other events had 1 or 2 teams to achieve that level).   This year Georgia has raised more than $22,000,000.  Each day in our country 90,000 lives are being saved.  We are making a notable difference in this fight.  The 2009 Glynn County Relay For Life Event will be held April 24-25 at the Brunswick Exchange Club Fairgrounds.  I encourage you to visit and to learn how to become more involved with the fight against cancer.  Celebrate. Remember. Fight Back.

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