A frequent visitor to St. Simons Island, supporter of local charities, friend of Hodnett Cooper, fellow Georgian and quintessential Southerner, we are happy to report that Ronda Rich’s book The Town That Came A-Courtin’ has been adapted for television.

The movie’s television premier is on Sunday, January 19 at 7pm on the UP Network which provides family-friendly, uplifting programming. The Town That Came A-Courtin’ is based on Ronda Rich’s novel, which is loosely based on an experience Rich had during a book tour. The book’s main character, Abby Houston, is a successful author and independent Southern woman. When she visits the small town of Bliss, Mississippi, it seems the entire town is in cahoots to set her up with the town’s widowed mayor. As they embark on their romance, an obsessed fan intervenes. With phones buzzing and the town mobilized, what happens next will determine her future.

The movie stars Valerie Harper, Lauren Holly, Cameron Bancroft and Lucie Guest.

Ronda Rich is a best-selling author and syndicated columnist. Her books include What Southern Women Know (That Every Woman Should), My Life in the Pits (a memoir of her years as a NASCAR reporter and publicist), The Town That Came A-Courtin’, and There’s a Better Day A-Comin’. Her syndicated column appears in over fifty newspapers. Her storytelling—both as a speaker and writer—is a distinctive voice of the South.

We’ll be watching the premier of The Town That Came A-Courtin’ on Sunday night and hope you will too!


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