This year’s Ryder Cup is taking place in Hazeltine, Missouri featuring St. Simons Island native Davis Love III. Davis, who is no stranger to the Ryder Cup has played in 6 tournaments as well as been an assistant captain in 2010. He has had 20 PGA career victories and 13 international. Impressive credentials, which I’m sure had a little to do with the reasoning behind his selection as captain! The US has lost eight of the past ten Ryder Cups but PGA of America President, Derek Sprague is confident in Love’s ability to lead to team to victory. He says Love is adavis love “great leader” and “good consensus builder” who can bring together everyone on the team. Tom Lehman, Vice-Captain of this year’s Ryder Cup says “The thing Davis has going for him is he has done it before, I think he understands a lot better the way guys think and the kind of communication they need. I’m sure he’ll be better than he was the first time, and I thought he was pretty good the first time.”

Currently (9/30/2016 at 2:30pm) United States are leading by 4 points with a score of 4-0. The rules of this particular golf game are much different than tradition golf which is stroke play, however for the Ryder Cup competition consist of four-ball and foursome matches. The way this tournament is scored is whoever gets to 14 ½ points first wins. If it ends on a draw, then the previous year’s winner takes the trophy.

You can see Davis Love and team in action this weekend with full coverage of the Ryder Cup on CBS Sports.