by Guerry Norwood


Grilling Time: 3.5 Hours


Baby Back Ribs
Your Favorite Dry Rub
Barbecue Sauce
Georgia “Gold” olive Oil
Mesquite Wood Chips soaked

Cooking Instructions:

Remove the membrane on the backside of the ribs. Rub Olive Oil on Front side of ribs and the sprinkle with favorite dry rub. Let the ribs and rub sit for 1 hour at room temperature to allow the rub to season and penetrate the meat.

Soak wood chips for a couple of hours before cooking ribs. Turn your two outside burners on you gas grill to around 225 degrees and start smoking wood chips. Put ribs onto GrillGrates bone side DOWN after you are confident that your grill temperature is constant.  Set your timer for 1 hour before you lift the lid.  It is important to leave the lid down as each time you open the grill you lose that constant temperature. Add more soaked wood chips as needed. At the 1 ½ hour mark turn the ribs over on the GrillGrates to meat side down.  Grill for 30 minutes and then reposition ribs and return to bone side down for the remainder of the time. Smoked Grilled Ribs should take 3 1/2 hours at temps around 225F.  When you are at or close to final temperature, MOP the meat side of the ribs with BBQ sauce and grill 10-15 more minutes to let the sauce infuse the ‘bark’ of the ribs.  Remove racks and let stand 5 minutes loosely tented under foil.  Heat up a bit more BBQ sauce for the table and grab your napkins for great SMOKED GRILLED RIBS!

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