I’m sure you have heard by now, on August 21st we will have the opportunity to witness a solar eclipseSolar Eclipse. For most of us it is an experience we have never seen and will never see again..pretty cool! Although the eclipse path isn’t coming straight over St. Simons Island it will still be close enough to experience 94% obstruction of the moon to the sun. This once in a life time eclipse will begin the cover the sun around 1:15pm on St Simons, with maximum coverage at 2:46pm, and ending at 4:30pm. If you haven’t gotten your eclipse glasses we are all sold out on St Simons however check out this article on DIY solar eclipse glasses. If you are looking for the perfect spot to watch the eclipse, we suggest; Epworth by the Sea, The Pier, or Morning Star Marina. Epworth by the Sea, located on the marsh with views of the Sidney Lanier bridge and rows and rows of huge oak trees providing the perfect amount of shade. With a number of benches by the water and picnic tables throughout the oak trees, Epworth is the perfect spot to sit back, relax, and enjoy the solar eclipse show. The Pier is also another great place to watch, at the end of the pier there is no cover allowing you to have 360 views of the sky and the surrounding islands. Lastly, Morning Star Marina provides a beautiful view of the Sidney Lanier bridge as well as tons of sail boats that would make for a great prop in your solar eclipse photo op!