by Diane Bondurant

You are probably wondering, why “through the back door” for a title?  It’s a term that implies the unknown or something not advertised to the public.  My name is Diane Bondurant and I was born and raised in Glynn County.  I don’t just live here, I have a great deal of curiosity and interest concerning what is going on in my home town.  Through these postings, I hope to introduce My Island and its laid-back lifestyle to all who participate.  Life here in Coastal Georgia is considerably slower and more comfortable than other areas in the US.  Neighbors know each other and, for the most part, look out for each other.  We are skeptical of change, especially if this change alters what has been evolving for the past 100 years or so.  Our wonderful Island community has its own unique personality. Our Village has the cozy feel of long ago Main Street. It leads you out to the Pier where you will find people gathering almost any time of day or evening.  You will not find another place quite like this Island.  We do not resemble the islands off North or South Carolina or Florida.

In the coming weeks and months, my goal is to familiarize everyone with this precious little island and ultimately to, in some way, help preserve it for the future and for all to enjoy.

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