Here at Hodnett Cooper, we’ve long ago thrown out our New Year’s Resolutions and good intentioned diet plans. In our midst, we have Miranda Loehle, also known as The Island Baker.

Miranda has been at Hodnett Cooper Real Estate, Inc for ten years. She’s always loved baking and the rest of us have happily been her new recipe test panel. Famous for her creative cupcakes and mini pies, any one of us can tell you that they are absolutely divine. Miranda recently launched a side business, The Island Baker—now more folks can be a part of our cupcake adventures.

Miranda is a cupcake pioneer, always trying new, daring recipes. On Monday, she came in with six boxes of mini cupcakes—all new recipes that even Martha Stewart wouldn’t think of. Of course, we tried them all.

2. Pistachio & Rosewater: a rosewatercupcake topped with a pistachio cream cheese icing infused with rosewater

4. White Russian: a kahlua infused cupcake topped with a kahlua and crème icing

6. Lavender & Honey: a vanilla cupcake brushed with honey topped with a lavender honey cream cheese icing

8. Oreo: a chocolate sour cream cupcake with bits of oreos topped with a cookies and cream frosting

10. Chocolate Bacon: a chocolate cupcake with bits of bacon topped with a chocolate Nutella buttercream icing

12. Honey & Goat Cheese: a honey cupcake topped with a creamy goat cheese icing infused with honey

Yes, bacon in a cupcake! And it was good.

Miranda gets her inspiration from recipes online, flavors she likes and suggestions from friends and facebook fans. “What I love most about experimenting with flavors is that they are different—in a good way. They are fun, trendy flavors that you have to be adventurous to try, but in the end, you’re glad you did,” says Miranda.

While not all are a home run with everyone, we each seem to have a favorite. “My favorite was when Miranda started experimenting with her ‘IntoxiCakes’ recipes. There were mojito cupcakes, margarita cupcakes and even an Irish car bomb cupcake.”

For years, Hodnett Cooper has been lucky enough to have first dibs on Miranda’s treats. Now the rest of St. Simons Island and Brunswick can order from The Island Baker. Trust us, as her R&D team we can say for certain, they’re delish.

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