Guerry Norwood likes to tell his clients, “I’m a real estate agent, but I don’t sell real estate.” Guerry sells the St. Simons Island lifestyle and property that goes along with it.

To punctuate his philosophy, Guerry is known for his flip flops, or as he calls them “sandals.” In the ten years since Guerry has been living on St. Simons Island, he has not worn anything but his flip flops.

“When I first started in real estate, a coworker in a coat and tie told me I’d never sell anything wearing sandals,” said Guerry, “and he’s no longer in the business.” Guerry’s clients see that he has fully embraced the Island lifestyle and they can too. When you picture yourself relocating to a beach town, you picture the water, the sun, the fun and the freedom. And for Guerry, a coat and tie just doesn’t factor into the equation.

Guerry just bought his fourth pair of sandals in ten years. To illustrate Guerry’s commitment to the Island/flip flop lifestyle, he recently explained his sandal lineup. The oldest pair is still in use poolside. Next in the lineup are the beach sandals. And with his newest purchase, the older pair rotates to the work sandal position. The newest pair of sandals are reserved for formal occasions such as church and weddings.

For some people, the Island lifestyle means a daily walk on the beach, a leisurely bike ride or a day of fishing. But for Guerry Norwood, it means living in his “sandals.”

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