St. Simons Island Tree Spirits

If you look closely at some of the stately oak trees on St. Simons Island, you may find a “tree spirit.” The tree spirits were carved by artist Keith Jennings to immortalize the numerous sailors who lost their lives at sea aboard the mighty sailing ships made from St. Simons oaks. The earliest carvings were commissioned in the 1980s and the most recent were carved several years ago in the village-area neighborhood, Village Oaks. It takes a close eye to find them all. And exploring by bicycle allows you to take in all the Island’s beautiful scenery.

    At the intersection of Ocean Boulevard and Kings Way is a community under construction called Village Oaks. Inside the community, nearly all of the home sites feature a tree spirit carving. Access the neighborhood via the Ocean Boulevard entrance. Leaving Village Oaks, turn right onto Ocean Boulevard. At the flashing yellow light, turn left on Demere Road. Follow Demere around the big left bend as it becomes Airport Road. After passing the fire station on the left, you’ll see the farmer’s market on the right. Since this is a neighborhood community, access may be limited.
    Opposite the Farmer’s Market is another tree spirit, approximately 15 feet off the ground.

    From the Farmer’s Market, navigate the traffic circle so you are turning right on Frederica Road. At the first light, turn left into Redfern Village
    In front of the wine & cheese shop.

    Continue North on Frederica Road. Turn left into Magnolia Manor.
    Between the main entrance and Frederica Road is a spirit facing south.

    Continue North on Frederica Road. Shortly after passing through the intersection of Sea Island Road, the next spirit is ahead on the left.
    Near Sal’s Pizzeria.

    After viewing the tree spirit at 3305 Frederica, this is the perfect time for a mid-ride break. In the area are Sal’s Pizzeria for a New York slice, Brogens North for a great bar menu and beer selection or Nachos for authentic Mexican.

    Next, head South on Frederica Road, following it all the way to the end, which is also the end of the St. Simons air strip (about three miles). Turn left on Kings Way, then left on Mallery. You’re back to where we started. Luckily at this location, there is another tree spirit, and another kind of spirit!
    Just beyond the entrance to Murphys and directly across from the Dairy Queen is the last tree spirit on our tour. If you timed it right, Murphy’s is open for a cold one!


St. Simons Island Tree Spirits are truly gems of the area. Sprinkled throughout the Island and carved into the sprawling live oak trees are the “spirits” meant to immortalize sailors who lost their lives at sea aboard ships made from St. Simons oaks. Two minds are better than one as you search for them all, so grab your partner and embark on your Island treasure hunt! Romance bonus points for conducting the hunt on a tandem bike!

Your imagination is the only limitation when it comes to planning your romantic vacation on St Simons Island. With loads to do, and our great vacation rentals, you can’t miss! For additional help planning romantic activities or ideas you may have please feel free to call us at  (800) 627-8075.