by Guerry Norwood

South Newport, Georgia: This still active chapel is called the “Smallest Church in America”. Memory Park Christ Chapel — Just south of I-95 exit 67, on hwy. 17.  Agnes Harper, a rural grocer with limited funds, built a 10 X 15 foot building in the Coastal Georgia woods near South Newport.  She wrote the deed in the name of Jesus Christ and invited everyone (locals and tourists) to worship at her new church.  For the past 50+ years, the church has been open 24 hours a day for all religious denominations.


How big is “The Smallest Church In America”?  It can hold 13 people, the pulpit is no bigger than a couch and the entire structure (roof and all) might fit into the average bedroom. Memory Park Christ Chapel has a tiny pulpit, pews and a tiny stained glass window with just enough room for Jesus. Seating only 12 people, the chapel was built as a place for rest and worship for travelers along scenic coastal route U.S. 17.

How is the inside of the church furnished?  The stained glass windows are from England, the pews have fold-away knee rests and there is a glass star in the roof that allows the bright South Georgia sunlight to illuminate the interior. For a photo slideshow of the Smallest Church in America link to:

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